From modest beginnings, Kevin O’Leary built a company worth more than $4 billion dollars. Since then, he has become an internationally recognized investor, respected commentator, and much more. Kevin’s life experiences have included not only great successes, but also many challenges, adventures, risks taken and lessons learned. At select live speaking events, you can hear first hand as Kevin shares the top insights he learned along the way.


Kevin speaks openly about his upbringing, including the important lessons he learned from his parents and from his stepfather. Some of these lessons, especially those from his mother, Georgette, have stuck with Kevin until today. Kevin describes how important those lessons were for his success and how you can learn from them
as well. More …


Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 at 6:15pm
Pearson Convention Center (Toronto) – 2638 Steeles Avenue East Brampton, ON L6T 4L7
I’ve seen Kevin O’Leary speak live not once but twice. So inspiring… I learned a ton and had a great time!
Mel, Winnipeg
Kevin O’Leary is candid, motivating, and speaks with passion. He leaves the audience feeling ready to take on anything.

Karen, Toronto